Get to Know a Guy by Asking Him the Right Questions


Knowing which questions to ask just like questions to ask your boyfriend  can play an important role when you are trying to get closer to a guy who catches your fancy. Here are a few helpful questions you can ask when talking with this guy:

Did you ever play snakes and ladders as a kid?

Now, take note that such question is only to initiate a discussion, so you have to be prepared with the next questions that will encourage him to respond. If his answer is a simple "Yes" without going any further, you may follow it up with questions like; whom did he play with, did he like it more than scrabble, or whatever. The main thing here is being able to keep the discussion going and getting him to talk about himself without asking the usual questions such as "Which board game is your favorite?"

Do you like pancakes for breakfast rather than cereals?

This might seem quite a boring question to ask a guy. However, if you play your cards right, it might serve as a way to discover his favorite food. If he reveals that it is pancakes he prefers, ask him next if he prefers to have it with coffee, bacon, or etc. You might also want to ask some follow-up questions regarding the types of food he fancies; provided that you make certain that your timing is right.
What can you say about this sports team?

Guys are usually eager to discuss what they think about their beloved sports team, so this is one question that will work out well for you. Asking them beforehand about their opinion towards a certain sports game or team will keep you from grumbling about your dislike for that team, particularly if he happens to be somewhat a fan of that team you do not like. 
Di you ever consider living in a different country?

This question might help you to discover his future plans. If, for example, he answers, "no, but I would like to take a trip to France," then you could change the subject to traveling along with seeing the beautiful sights across the world. This is going to tell you much about him and get to know him better through his answers.

The main thing about knowing the right questions  to ask a guy along with funny jokes is being able to recognize the time to start as well the time to stop. If you probably have asked a rather delicate question that he feels a bit uneasy answering, then you have to act right away and ask a different question.  In the same manner, recognizing when to initiate building up on something that he enjoys will help you learn more about this guy.